Contract for accommodation

Travel conditions and information

Dear guest,
the following travel conditions regulate the legal relationship between the guest and the accommodation facility.Please give them your best attention, since with your booking you accept these regulations and conditions.

Performances and Prices

The listed prices are final prices. They include all additional charges, unless otherwise noted. Additional charge forshort stays.

Contract for accommodation – rights and duties

  1. The registration is a binding offer to conclude a contract for accommodation with the accommodationfacility. It’s being effected by the applicant and includes all the participants mentioned in theregistration. On receipt of the booking confirmation, a contract for accommodation, which is bindingfor both contracting parties, is being concluded.
  2. The conclusion of the contract for accommodation is binding the two parties to fulfill thecontract, regardless of the duration of it. Consequently, a one-side cancellation is not possible!
  3. After inspection of the apartment and subsequent receipt of the keys, the guest approves the propercondition of the accommodation. The guest obligates himself to report any originated harm to thelandlord and to indemnify him.


If the guest resigns from the mandatory booking or does not utilize the booked goods and services, theaccommodation facility basically has a claim to the full payment, less the amount that has been saved due to the factthat the services offered have not been called up. We recommend to contract a travel cancellation insurance.

The following cancellation fees apply:

  • from the 7th day until the 2nd day before arrival: 60%
  • 1 day before arrival or non-appearance: 80% of the travel price

The cancellation has to be addressed to the accommodation facility and, in the own interest of the guest, should beeffected in written.

Day of arrival and departure:

You may check into your holiday accommodation after 3 p.m. on the day of arrival. On the last day, theaccommodation has to be vacated at 10 a.m. at the latest.

Place of jurisdiction is Ettenheim.